Dinosaurs don't do Metaphors


  The proponents of the methane theory of dinosaur extinction 
  are probably the same ones who promote the "big bang" beginning
  of the universe.

  Have you ever noticed how things always seem to begin instantly
  with with a bang, like an asteroid, in one camp;
  while the opposing camp is always pushing the more diffussive
  theories such as beginning and ending with a long drawn-out
  whimper ?  This has alot more to do with politics and religions
  than facts.

  Actually, it was probably the largest dino of all, the Thesaurus Rex,
  that killed off all the other dinosaurs.

  The metaphor was just too much for them to handle, what with
  those peanut sized brains incapable of storing metaphors
  and analogies. Just not enough memory for that.  They were
  pure instinct; real-time, instead of statistical.

  "Time" can be said to be the culprit that killed off the
  dinosaurs because they inherently didn't have enough brains
  for storing very long histories needed to adapt to the
  increasing volatility in the climate etc.

  In america we have the Fed to watch over the economic
  volatility of our Leviathan; the regulation of its metabolism.

  So why did they do so well then ?

  One might ask why mankind has lasted as long as it has,
  considering how cheap a gigabyte of silicon memory now costs
  so little and there's plenty of sand out there.
  Is silicon-based life just waiting in the wings for carbon-based
  life forms to make them some arms and legs ?

  Perhaps the dinos lasted for so long, because things didn't
  change very much back then, and there was just no need for a
  "higher-level languages" in terms of genetics. Everything was
  written in low-level genetic machine-code because its efficient
  and practical like german engineering. Nuts and volts.

  Of course, machine-code programming is slow and takes up alot of
  time to run through all the combinatorics. Eventually, as things
  speed up in time (like CPUs and the weather cycles etc.),
  it becomes more efficient to use a higher-level language than
  a lower-level one.

  Hence the mammals which needed to stay warm at night in order
  to dream, because dreaming is essential to maintaining that
  analogizing part of the mind. In sleep we mostly use analogic,
  and when awake we mostly use logic. Later, nature decided to
  make it possible to use both analogy and logic at the same
  time, that's how we mammals developed right and left brains
  which the reptiles to a large extent lack.

  Dinosaurs tend to have smallish brains, but some have
  what some paleontologists have called a "second brain": 
  the "sacral enlargement". (Sacral coming from "sacred" ?)
  This nerve mass (some think it might have been fatty tissue) 
  was strategically located in the middle of the spine where 
  body temperature was probably better regulated. It brings new
  meaning to "striking a deep nerve". It was probably like
  the embedded processors we use in robots today but its
  location suggested it might have been the first attempt at
  a temperatured controlled brain such as in mammals.

  All things, are always, trying to optimize themselves in
  subjective-objective space-time.