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Outlaw Science Stephen Paul King
Hitoshi Kitada - What is Time ?
Hitoshi Kitada - Theory of local times
Modern Cosmology as Psychological Metaphor
Caroline Thompson
Quantum Computer simulators Free Kevin
Mark Wilson "Can we trust logical form ?" J. of Philosophy oct 1994
David Foster- "The Philosophical Scientists"
Interpretation of a distribution
Holocenter The New York Center for Holographics Arts
Aristotle's Organon
Aliasing from time warpage
LCD shutter
LASER links
IR "xraying"
John Scott Russell's Soliton Wave Re-created
Light bullets (spatio-temporal solitons)
Quantum non-demolition
Localization of light
Trojan Electrons
Molecular quantum states
Truth quotes
Simpson's Paradox
Strange things
Plenoptic Camera See also lenticular, xography (older term)
Duality Links
Laser Equipment Gallery
Build your own green laser
Histomap of World History Rand McNally- by John B. Sparks
Aristotle and other classics
Holographic Interferometry- The Penny Project
Computer Graphics Tools
TOM Server: Document Conversion Convert Graphics Files Online
Resources Un-Ltd. Surplus Optics Supplier from Nuts and Volts Magazine (new site)
Surplus Optics Suppliers
Science Hobbyist
Knot Plot
Line Art from Rare Manuscripts
Computational Holography Pancheratnam's phase, Geometrical phase, Berry phase
Linear Logic
Moire Patterns
Penn Leary's Shakespeare and Mathematics
Penn Leary's Induction and Deduction
Bart Kosko and Fuzzy Subsethood
Photons Schmotons
Moonshine Monster Conjecture
Hughes Ruby Laser Rangefinder
Society for Amateur Scientists
Thomas B. Cross Second Society
Eranos Foundation See Max Knoll's article in "Man and Time"
Peter Wegner
Dissecting the Brain with Sound - The CD is very interesting and worth the experience. Sort of an aural Rorschach
Rorschach 1
Rorschach 2
Rorschach 3
Jung Circle
Rational Mechanics and Natural Mathematics Vaughan Pratt and Chu spaces.
Fuzzy and Probability
Ronnie Kosloff and Guy Ashkenazi
Classical Quantum Mechanics
David Hestenes' Geometric Algebra and Calculus
rational, internally consistent, framework upon 'nature'

Hierarchical Structures in Map Series
Effects of Spatial Audio on Communication
Development of ProART
beyond the map as metaphor
Uncertainty Issues of Conflation in a Distributed Environment
A Local Perception Filter for Distributed Virtual Environments
Applications of Geographic Information Science

Cliff Joslyn
Communications Research Lab
The Life of James Clerk Maxwell
Copthorne Macdonald
Edwin T. Jaynes
H.H.Patee Evolving self-reference: matter, symbols, and semantic closure
WordNet The English genome project
G.J. Chaitin Comments from the PRNCYB-L archive
Raymond Chiao Superluminal tunneling
John Allen Paulos
Mason Clark
Friedrick Hayek
FFTs, Walsh, etc.
Gabor Theory
John Murphy Statistical Interference
Postmodern Dribble Sokal and Bulhak
Surveying in Spacetime Sometimes I take the long way home because it's faster (less stop lights, traffic)
Maximum Entropy and Overlapping Events
Interaction-Free Measurements
Complex Probabilities
Max Tegmark - TOE etc.
Space-like vs. Time-like
Bose-Einstein Condensate
Information Mechanics
Amara's Wavelet Page
Ben Goertzel
Computational Chemistry
Samuel L. Braunstein's quantum optics bibliography
George Lakoff Metaphors
Social Utopias
Fr. Richard Neuhaus
The Universe Beyond a Muslim point of view on creation
Umberto Eco "Mac:DOS as Catholic:Protestant"
History of Physics Catholic Encyclopedia
Willard van Orman Quine
Willard van Orman Quine Translation Indeterminacy
Kenneth Burke "Man is the symbol-using, symbol-making, symbol-misusing animal."
Kenneth Burke A Grammar of Motives
Leading Edge Research Group
Consumerism, Affluenza, Voluntary Simplicity
Spritual connections with the natural environment
Management Manipulation
Douglas Adams

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