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   What lies in these pages are ideas. Some didn't survive. Some still live
   on in my mind. Some are young and immature, while others are older.
   Some seem immortal, borrowed from other minds from long ago.
   Plimpsestos is greek and means something like "scratchpad".
   Filter through your experiences what you can, and the rest will have to
   be considered noise. 

   Remember, in computer science, "interpreters" are very bad at error 
   checking compared to "compilers". And even though a Pascal compiler will 
   find many errors in a language it doesn't understand, like Lisp, that
   is no indication that the Lisp program is wrong.
   Compilers are always very fast, so when you are in trouble, use
   an interpreter; use your instinct.

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Technical valuation of stocks is speculative, relative (in terms of space and states, not time) and predictive (IV.) while Fundamentalist valuation of stocks is objective, absolute (in terms of space and states, not time), and prophetic (I.) So, the Fundamentalist prophesizes the future of a company, the Technical trader cares only about tomorrow or next week at the most. Prophesy says "what" but is ignorant to exactly "when", prediction or "projection" is more exactly "when" but not exactly "what" (tomorrow there could be a war or stock market collapse that would destroy in an instant any projection based on a time-series trend. This is the forced collapse of the speculative and inflated wavefunction which more often is called a "correction").
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Symmetries of Measurement

Information Theory and Physics Nature's bit resolution and sample rate
Planck's constant Constants have underlying physical relations that important theoretically. What is the underlying physical relation for Wien's B-B constant ?
Interference with Polarization This is set up for a special Mach 32 VGA card driver.
Convolution This is a simple operation that is very interesting.
Zero-point energy ? Like voltage multipliers ?
Quantum Logic Does QM violates the Law of Contradication ? (Bell's inequality)
Uncertainty What happens to the distinction between the observer and observed for macro vs. microscopic observations ?
Are Photons Particles ? What is a particle ? Distinguishability.
Map Discreteness vs. Continuity
A Bayesian Mechanics -- Quantum Mechanics based on fuzzy subsethood
Subsethood Fuzzy Subsethood
Fuzzy Mechanics -- How color theory suggests Fuzzy Theory in QM
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Polarizers are n-slits -- About Mixtures and Superpositions
Superpositions and Mixtures -- Mixtures and Superpositions and the Renormalization problem
Counting Primes using a Young's n-slit experiment -- How to use Bayesian Mechanics
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Older Stuff

Quantum Mechanics The Three Prism Problem
Quantum Mechanics and Digital Signal Processing
The Principle of Superposition
Probabilities in Quantum Mechanics
Coordinates, Dimensions and Orthogonality

The Speed of a Wave Pulse

Digital Signal Processing and Speech Recogniton

Signal Processing
A small program I wrote to interactively analyze the sound contents of
a Sound Blaster Voc file that includes Spectral and Amplitude
graphs. I used this program to recognize vowel formants and
some phonemes. It can also be used to play back a spectrally
modified sound on the speakers
A picture of what the program displays
This is a spoken word. Can you recognize what the word is ? Hint: the vowels are painted green and consonants are blue (where they can be recognized by the program) vowels have "formants" which are the horizontal arcs in the frequency spectra.
Whistle Recognition
One of my small inventions. A PC program to recognize whistled notes.
The intention was for computer input by disabled or for musical
composition. A related program was developed that could move a mouse
cursor up, down, left, right depending upon the whisteled frequencies.
Another variation, used vowel formants of the words "up", "down",... to
do the same thing (since these words have more or less distinct formants)

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"...and I cherish more than anything else the Analogies, my most trustworthy masters. They know all the secrets of Nature..."

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