Simpson's Paradox and Quantum Entanglement

 Are some mental illnesses resultants of paradoxes ?

 Would Freud have loved to have been able to un[en]tangle
 the knotted threads of spatio-temporal memories and
 re-weave them into a consistent associative space-time map
 for the patient to orient themselves in ?

    Simpson's Paradox

  Simpson's Paradox is a statistical artifact related to
  hidden variables. Here it in terms of quantum entanglement.

  Given that

    1) A and B are complementary
    2) A and B are both true XOR A and B are both false

  then, that 1) contradicts 2) is the essence of Simpson's Paradox.

  We can make an arbitrary determination that "A is True"
  to resolve that paradox, but this choice is arbitrary as we could
  equally have chosen to make the determination that
  "B is True". Regardless of the choice we can then instantly
  determine the complementary variables state as "anti-correlated".

  Similarly, in entanglement the arbitrary measurement of
  a polarization or spin state will instantly (non-locally)
  determine the state of the anti-correlated entangled twin.

  Simpson's Paradox:

  Simpson's Paradox
  The Dechronization of Sam Magruder by George Gaylord Simpson