Thanksgiving- A Close Shave


I am thinking of Churchill, and Chamberlain having dinner with a monster.

There is wisdom in the sheathed sword.

When that sword is withdrawn from its sheath, war and peace
are distinguished and both become evils.

Chamberlain sent optimism into the future expecting that it
should reflect back into the present, and this is virtuous
when our optimism in the future is indeed returned to us in
the present, but sometimes such optimism is not returned to
us, and we should respect that this can happen. 

Churchill more wisely sent pessimism into the future to 
warn us of what was to come and thereby optimism was was 
reflected back to us only in the preparation for the future 
where the wisdom took a vacation, and the sword was drawn from 
its sheath. 

Misplaced optimism and pessimism lead to the drawn sword.

The wisdom is in the sheathed sword where optimism and
pessimism are united in harmony. Never place peace above
war, or war above peace. Two do so invites the distinction
of the drawn sword.

Monsters will lurk in the future, by hiding from us our
true past, and replacing it with a false past, one which
better suits their future, not ours.

Do you know what really happened ?

Wallace and Gromit- A Close Shave